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10 Cent SkeeBall

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It has been said in the movie Dogma that even God is a Skee-Ball fan. One of America's oldest games still remains unchanged to this day. Well at least the gameplay has remained virtually unchanged. Here at Beach Arcade, we change things to make them better. Take Skee-Ball for instance. It's been around for almost 100 years, and in that time the cost of a single game has gone up from 5 cents to as much as 50 cents in some places. Some bars can even ask a dollar for a game. We want to bring people back to the good old days when a bottle of pop was a quarter and a gumball was a nickel.

This is why we've brought back our classic 10 Cent Skee-Ball!

Game Play
(takes quarters only)

$0.25 = 2 Plays
$0.50 = 5 Plays
$0.75 = 7 Plays
$1.00 = 10 Plays
6 balls per game

Score 35,000 Points to win a T-shirt and
FREE Games For Life

Skee-Ball at Beach Arcade
more you play, more you win
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