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A Look Into the Past

Our Founder

In the early months of 1985 Chuck Weiner, a young man from Baltimore, Maryland with big ambitions took over 5 N. Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Until this point, the address had been used as a bowling alley, and a bath house. This left the building very dark and dingy. Chuck brought in a crew of hard workers and gutted the building. They tore out the ceiling, carpeted
the floor, and re-wired all the walls. After a few months of hurried clean-up and renovation, Chuck was ready to open the Dolle’s Arcade,(having acquired the name of the candy store located adjacent), for the 1985 summer season.
Within the first year Dolle’s Arcade began gathering a following. Especially after introducing the Dolly the Elephant kids ride, which would become the official mascot. Chuck had stumbled upon a unique opportunity in Rehoboth Beach;
he had opened the first family-oriented redemption arcade. Rather than having a dark warehouse-like space with lines of video games and rowdy teenagers running around, Chuck installed bright fluorescent lighting and a variety of top of the line pieces ranging from video games, to skill cranes, to ticket redemption equipment.

Chuck and his wife managed the arcade for the first 2 years until the birth of his first daughter. At this point Chuck already opened Weiner Distributing in Baltimore, and hired a new manager so he could run the arcade remotely and concentrate on his other business and family at home.

In 1991, the arcade hired its longest lasting employee, Dale Cirillo. “Mama C” as she was known to everyone, brought in her son Brian as a change person. Chuck seeing the potential in having a smoothly run dual-family operated arcade, so after a few years hired Brian as manager. Brian ran the arcade for 10 years before moving on to bigger things.

At this time Dolle's wanted to be a bit more unique within Rehoboth Beach. For this reason, Chuck opted to change the name of the business to Beach Arcade in an attempt to make it more individual. Matt Weiner, Chuck’s second child, moved from Baltimore to help run the arcade for a few seasons before becoming the new Manager. Along with Matt, Dan Golberg, a veteran employee of Beach Arcade, became the second in command. Matt and Dan currently manage the operation of the arcade and still promote the same family fun that Chuck first envisioned in 1985.

So the next time you're in Rehoboth Beach, stop by, and we'll be happy to show you why we're #1

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